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IlluminArty: Artist's Projector

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IlluminArty is the Artist's Projector for the contemporary creative! Join our Pilot and be the first to experience this new, handcrafted product.
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About this product

The IlluminArty Artist's Projector makes outlining your drawings and paintings effortless.

What's IlluminArty great for?

  • Projecting personal photos onto paper, canvas, or walls ready for outlining
  • Enlarging your hand drawn sketches without having to use gridlines
  • Creating murals up to 1.5m wide - or bigger if you work in sections
What is Included
  • Handcrafted tulipwood anglepoise frame
  • Mini projector with USB, HDMI, SD Card and VGA ports
  • Wooden easel accessory
What size can I project to?
The projector works best for sizes A3 through to A0, so about 40cm to 120cm wide. If you're pointing the projector down onto a table, you'll likely be working to the A3 size. If you're projecting outward onto an upright easel or wall, you could work to A0 size in one sitting, or even bigger still if you section your piece into A0 sized pieces.
How high is the image resolution that gets projected?
We'll give you the super technical and then the not-so-technical answer! The super technical answer is: Brightness: 400 Lumens Contrast: 800:1 Native Resolution: 360P x 240P Aspect ratio: 4:3 Color Reproduction: 16.7k The not so technical answer is: The resolution is good for getting the overall shape and proportion of the image down, but it definitely doesn't take away the need to draw in details by sight. It's nowhere near as sharp as a TV monitor say, but it's useful for getting your sizing down before starting to sketch. It gets clearer the larger the surface you're working on is: so for A3 it's so-so, but the closer you get to A0 the better. It's also a lot clearer the darker your room is. You can switch the (additional) lamp accessory we offer on for some gentle ambient light. Or flick on your proper lights from time to time to check in with your drawing.
What's the minimum projection distance to get a decent focus?
You want your projector at least 80cm away from your work surface, and a maximum of 2m away. When projecting down onto your table, your stand adjusts to 80cm or closer to 100cm if you wanted to. When projecting onto a wall, just move your projector further back from the wall to increase the range.
Does it need to be plugged into the power to work?
Yes it does, it's not chargeable or anything like that. The plug is best for a table-height plug socket. If you're working with a socket further away, you'll want an extension lead.
What other cables will I need to have at home?
The projector connects to devices like smart phones and laptops, but depending on what you use, you'll need different cables. These cables are pretty common and you may well already have them at home. If you're not sure, search for these terms on Amazon: For Apple devices: a Lightning to HDMI adapter For Android Device: a MHL cable You'll also want a 2 meter long HDMI cable
What's involved in participating in this pilot?
This is the very first batch of a brand new product. It's pretty likely we won't have nailed everything first time, as much as we've spent months (arguably years) thinking it through. We can guarantee you'll have lots of ideas for how to make it better, and so, we'll be reaching out to you once you've had a chance to play with it for your helpful feedback. If you're not so keen for that you can let us know, but it would be super helpful. You'll notice certain things aren't as sharp as they'll end up being, the box is just a boring box nothing snazzy for example.
Why aren't you accepting refunds?
First off: if it arrives damaged in any way, of course we'll refund. But beyond that, we're not accepting refunds because: - With Covid, we're not really set up to fully disinfect everything before sending back out. - It's a pilot product, not everything will be perfect, but participating in it means taking the good with the less perfect bits. If you're not keen on the idea of that, we'd suggest waiting for the formal launch later this year.
Do you ship this product internationally?
Not just yet, but soon!
How do we purchase the light accessory?
The light accessory is available to purchase separately, check out the listing on our product page!
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